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Rehabilitation Redefined

Ensuring success in sitting, standing, balancing and walking (gait) training with Advanced body weight supporting system in natural surfaces.


Rehabilitation Redefined

Therapy services of international standards by highly trained staffs , bringing a positive outlook in the lives of our clients.


Rehabilitation Redefined

Specialized in constrained induced movement therapy for effective upper limb functions.


Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Recreational Therapy


  • JOHN
    May 8, 2012

    Best Therapy Center

    This is one of the best therapy centres I have ever visited. I had a stroke 3 years ago and went to so many places but left with residual weakness and inability to carry on my daily works. I found Adseroga on the net and approached them. That was the best decision I have taken after stroke. They gave me confidence, cared me so well, encouraged my lost movements and I am almost normal now. I really cannot express my feelings in words. Thank you ADSEROGA.
    Apr 18, 2012

    Outstanding Team Work

    What a team work! Team work never fails. I realized this in Adseroga. The staff members discuss everything and conduct meeting with all the patients. Different approach, advanced techniques and unbeatable care. All the best to serve patients like me.
    May 7, 2012

    Brings me back

    I had a very nice experience in Adseroga. More than therapy I learnt how to carry out activities with my current difficulties. This centre cares for everything – right from the manager to physio, occupational and speech therapists. Outstanding team work and involvement in bringing all the patients to near normal life.

    Nice experience

    They really redefine rehabilitation. Visit adseroga and you will experience what I really experienced. You will not go back or left with difficulties after coming to Adseroga. This service should be given to all the patients like me.

    Feels like home

    It has been a wonderful experience in my life when I first thought why should I go such a long distance from my home and people here made every day, every minute count. Their efforts made me feel Im not away from my home and I have a taken a right decision to join Adseroga.

    unique in rehabilitation

    Adseroga is unique and a pioneer in rehabilitation. The staff members are very much aware of their role and are highly skilled. The management has taken all steps to comfort the patients and provided excellent facility for rehabilitation.

    Thank you so much Adseroga

    This advanced therapy and the vision of Adseroga should be made available to all the patients like me. Thank you so much Adseroga. Keep up the good work.

    Adseroga:the right place for stroke treatment

    Im happy to tell all the patients who need rehabilitation and personal care that Adseroga is the right place. I enjoyed my therapy and got a good result just because of you Adseroga.

    Desirable place for rehabilitation

    Showing its expertise, sharing its knowledge and commitment towards its vision makes Adseroga a desirable place for rehabilitation. Your advanced therapy techniques and therapists behavior will help patients certainly. Thank you very much.

    Dedicated team

    Staff members are highly skilled and very much dedicated. A good place for complete rehabilitation.

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